Montpellier Supagro Students field trip


All the students (and their professor) are very grateful to all the persons who were involved in the organization of this trip and/or spent time to receive them, explain their activities and answer all the questions that arose during the discussions:

Conferences UAB Eva Sevigne, Esther Sanye, Marti Boada
Sant Adria (PIVR Sant Adria) Xavier Gabarrell, Eva Sevigne
ACA Lorenzo Correa Lloreda Cap Unitat Singular d’Informació i Coordinació del Medi
CUADLL Enric Queralt Director Tècnic
IRTA Cabrills Père Munoz, Assumpcio Anton
DESSALINITZADORA DE LA TORDERA Quim Comas, Sadurni Morera, Anna Llansana
Empuriabrava Depuració Quim Comas, Miquel Rigola, Anna Huguet, Lluís Sala Genoher (Consorci de la Costa Brava)
Parc Natural Aiguamolls Josep Espigulé i Dalmau Educador en el equipo de Uso Público y Educación Ambiental

About the field trip

The student field trip was organized for students following the French engineering curricula “Ingenieur Agronome”. They will obtain their diploma in October 2013 after a 6 months internship in professional activity. This group is specialized in water, crop and environmental management. Main topics of this specialization (one year including the internship) are: soil and transfers, hydrology and hydraulics, mapping and GIS, soil conservation, waste management, irrigation. The training is aimed at providing students with professional tools applied to integrated approaches. Such tools are: metrology for soil and water characterization, mapping, modeling, environmental assessment, indicators, and management methodologies. The student field trip is an opportunity to discover the main challenges of their specialization applied to environmental challenges of a given country. Within the frame of Ecotech Sudoe project, the trip gave the opportunity to raise student awareness to the main applications of environmental evaluation and eco-technologies in the Catalonia context. For this, visits were shared between :

  • production thematics (CUADLL, IRTA)
  • environmental activities (residues valorization, water depuration and drinking water production, sustainable buildings)
  • environmental and territorial management (ACA, Aiguamolls natural Parc)
  • research cutting edge perspectives.

The visits were organized thanks to the EcoSudoe Partners from UAB, UdG and IRTA.


11 février 12 février 13 février 14 février 15 février
morning Link to the dedicated web page on Sostenipra web site

(presentations) Conferences UAB (9h – 16h30)

10h Planta Integral de Valorització de Residus de Sant Adrià (PIVR) 11h – Agence Catalane de l’eau (ACA) 10h-13h IRTA Cabrilsexperimental fields 10h – Empuriabrava
afternoon Conferences UAB (9h – 16h30) 16h30 Fabrica del sol CUADLL : Comunitat d’Usuaris d’Aigües del Delta del Llobregat 15h -15h30 Potabilisation plant Blanes 14h – Centro d’Información del Parc Natural dels Aiguamolls de l’Empordà

Student report

Link to download the report

The present report includes synthesis written by students after the trip on the following points :

  1. Indicators for water, wastes and environment management
  2. How do stakeholders take into account environmental aspects ?
  3. Sharing water between agriculture and other activities
  4. Current state and evolution of natural resources/global change
  5. Waste management : impact and services