Scientific Olympic Games by Inra Narbonne, 22 and 23 september 2011

The Laboratory of Environmental Biotechnology, LBE, organized for the third consecutive year, the Scientific Olympic Games. The year 2010, the LBE and two Spanish laboratories, Girona работа мск and Barcelona, had met in Narbonne. This year, two universities in Italy, those of Milan and Venice-Verona, were present, as the Catalan laboratory Lequia who decided to come back. The event takes place, like last year, at the IUT Chemical Engineering – Process Engineering based in the Mediterranean Innovation Park of Narbonne.

For two days, September 22 and 23, these scientists have OG as goals to share the work and views of scientists working on the same areas and present the latest researchs on various topics.

This year, topics will include the different techniques of water treatment, production of bioenergy and problems related to nutrients.

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