Seminar 21st of october: Application of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on the industrial sector

On October 21th of 2011 the seminar entitled Aplicació de l’Anàlisi de Cicle de Vida (ACV) en el sector empresarial (Application of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on the industrial sector) was carried out in Girona in the framework of the ECOTECH-SUDOE project. This seminar was organized by the LEQUIA group of работа the University of Girona. The seminar was attended by 25 people and the duration was 4 hours (from 10 am to 2 pm). The seminar was introduced by Dr. Miquel Rigola and Dr. Lluís Corominas.

Miquel Rigola is a professor of University of Girona he focused his research in treatment of industrial water, reduction of residues, cleaner production and published also about energy and water management, also he published some articles about LCA and was one of the first UdG researchers that applied LCA in wastewater. In the seminar he was the first to speak and he was who presented all the speakers who participated in the seminar,

Dr. Lluís Corominas is a researcher in Catalan Institute for Water Research, he focuses his research on the development of tools and methods to improve the management of urban wastewater systems, and a part of his research is focused also in LCA. Currently, he is working also in the formation of a working group of LCA for water in IWA. In the presentation he explained the history of LCA and presented the content of the seminar.

Dr. Guido Sonnemann was the first speaker. Guido Sonnemann is a Programme Officer for Innovation and Life Cycle Management. He is the Scientific Focal Point for the UNEP Resource Efficiency/Sustainable Consumption and Production sub-programme based in the Division of Technology Industry and Economics (DTIE) in Paris. First, in his presentation he exposed the concept of Sustainability and the global point of view that should be considered to obtain a good LCA. Then he explained the importance of the LCA for the business with a practical examples for different types of goods, and examples of LCA application in products.

The second speaker was Dr. Pere Fullana. Currently Pere Fullana is the head of the Environmental Management Research Group (GIGa) of the School of International Trade (ESCI-UPF) and Spanish delegate to the writing of the series ISO 14000, CEN 13190 and CEN 350. He is also co-chair in the program of Environmental communication and ecolabels in the Environment program of United Nations. This last May he was also appointed director of UNESCO Chair of life cycle and climate change. First he made an overview about how LCA has gained importance, and explained the importance of this change and the importance of global point of view applied in LCA for the assessment of a product. Also he explained the concept of carbon footprint and the application on products, the different steps of the calculation, and finally he exposed examples of the application.

The last speaker was Dr. Joan Rieradevall. Joan Rieradevall is an Associate Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering and researcher of the Quality SosteniPra research group focused on Analysis of the life cycle of products and services, eco-design, waste prevention and recycling, energy recovery from biomass and ecological services. He made an explanation of how LCA can be applied in packaging, and how it is possible to improve the potential environmental impacts produced for a product with a little, but important changes, supported with a practical example.

In all presentations there were interventions for clarifications during the presentations and in the end of each presentation there was a some more discussion about what had been presented, creating a friendly atmosphere between speakers and attendees. The final evaluation of the seminar is very positive due to the very interesting presentations and fruitful discussions generated. Also, according to the comments from all the audience, it is important to emphasize the high level of all presenters, as demonstrated by their experience and background.


Introduction to LCA

The importance of LCA as a tool for domestic and export

Ecological Intelligence, Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Footprint

Life Cycle Assessment applied to packaging

author : Sadurni Morera
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