Scientific Seminar Montpellier May 2012


The main objectives are to learn and share on different LCA topics including:

  • EU Database (ELCD) and International Reference (ILCD)
  • System typologies
  • System modeling
  • Exergy – Emergy
  • Other methods (i.e., the ecological footprint)
  • Input – Output Analysis
  • Attributional and Consequential LCA
  • Land use
  • Decision-making aid
  • Characterization of endpoint impacts (i.e., Human Health, Ecosystem quality and Resources)
  • End-of-life stage

For each topic, a 1 to 2h presentation will be given/driven by one researcher of our network. The aim was not to provide a detailed course made by a specialist, but that members of our network make a synthesis on specific topics, which can be discussed during the seminar. So we will be able to build a common knowledge on most of those LCA approaches.


Coming soon on line! Please note this is originaly a french national event, so it will be held in French, as it has been done in the past.


The seminar will take place in a retreat center near Montpellier : “le Hameau de l’Etoile”

Attenders / registration

Registration are now closed. 45 researchers from France and Sudoe area will join the event.


According to each speaker courtesy, some presentation abstracts will be put on line later.


A feedback form is available on this page.