Ecodesign and Ecoinnovation. En el marco de la economía verde

The ECOTECH-SUDOE Seminar about Eco-design and Eco Innovation in the context of a green economy took place on 29th-31st January 2013. A theoretical seminar (31.01) at the Faculty of Sciences of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona  covered Actions to promote ecodesign by public entities in the context of a green economy, Ecodesign and carbon footprint in the sectors of fashion and textiles, and wood and furniture, The experience and future perspectives of enterprises about ecodesign and Ecoinnovation of products and services as a key strategy for developing a green economy as main topics. During the seminar ecodesign projects were exhibited. The seminar also included two showrooms (practical sessions) about Ecodesign and smart materials in Materfad – FAD/ELISAVA (29.01) and Recycled materials and products in Zicla (30.01), both in Barcelona. More information in: Ecodesign