Symposium on Ecoinnovation in the Sudoe Region – Toulouse (Fr) – June 2013

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Location: ENSIACET – 4, allée Emile Monso – LABEGE – TOULOUSE – FRANCE – 43.55424 N / 1.501737 E

The full event is free, including buffet and lunches.

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  • only for open day (Visite des laboratoires du Critt Catar – in French as well) of the wednesday afternoon

Please, don’t forget to check boxes for the buffet lunch you would like to attend Given the limited capacity of the venue  you will receive two emails. The first will confirm that you have made the pre-registration. The second email is to confirm whether you have obtained a place in the event or if you are on the waiting list.

Final presentations of the ecotech sudoe project

The full event is free, including buffet and lunches. The Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and all partners are glad to invite you to attend public presentations of the final results of the Ecotech Sudoe project (SOE2/P2/E377). Its goal was to further enrich the SUDOE region with advances in eco-innovative technologies and LCA.

Tuesday, June 4th 2013
9:30 to 12 Regional day: Eco innovations en région Midi Pyrénées (in French)
13 to 14:30 Creation and Implementation of an LCA Database for the Sudoe region
14:40 to 16:10 Comparison and implementation of urban metabolism methodologies: a study of Aveiro, Barcelona and Marseille
16:20 to 17:40 Agriculture and forest based products: LCA, bioenergy and green water use
Wednesday, June 5th 2013
9 to 10:30 Ecodesign of products in the agro-industrial sector
10:40 to 12:10 Improving the sustainability of buildings and the creation of a simulation software – a case study in Montpellier
13:15 to 14:45 Demonstration and simulation of industrial ecology approaches to improve resource management
15 to 17 Parallel Session 1- Water issues in industrial ecology and LCA in the Sudoe region
Parallel Session 2- Open day: Visite des laboratoires du Critt Catar, Centre d’Innovation et de Transfert de Technologie Agroressources (in French)