Water and carbon footprint for Agrofood and tourism seminar- Girona

More than 60 people attend the seminar on carbon and water footprint applied to tourism and agro-food sectors. Current concern about climate change and hydric resources availability, have led to a higher interest to identify and quantify greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption associated with a product or process. The seminar organised by LEQUIA on 10thApril was focused on two methodology tools that have gained popularity during the past few years: the carbon footprint and the water footprint. Carbon footprint is a measure of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions caused by a defined activity, process, organization or person. Water footprint is the total volume of freshwater consumed by the production of a defined good or service, the development of an activity, or by an individual consumer. The seminar was held at the Auditori of Jaume Casademont building (Science Park of University of Girona) and is framed within the European project ECOTECH-SUDOE, which has LEQUIA as partner. The program included conferences on the application of carbon and water footprint to two relevant economic sectors in the Girona province: tourism and agro-food. More than 60 people attended the event, which brought together prestigious experts from academic, business and public administration organisations: Dr. Josep EnricLlebot (Secretary of Environment and Sustainability of the Catalan Government), Dr.AssumpcióAntón (IRTA), Dr. Maite Aldaya (Observatorio del Agua), Ms. Maria Sevillanos (Matarromera group), Mr. José Luis de la Cruz (Observatorio de la Sostenibilidad en España), Ms Mònica Reyes (CETAQUA) and Dr. Quim Comas (LEQUIA, UdG).

Summary of the event is available in spanish (switch to spanish on the righ column of this page) – Other informations also available on the LEQUIA Web site.

Program and presentations:

Program Confusions i oportunitats de la petjada de carboni en el sector agrari Huella hídrica_Aplicación en el sector agroalimentario La huella de carbono en el grupo MATARROMERA La huella de carbono en el sector hotelero Gestió sostenible en el sector turístic_la petjada hídrica Situació actual i de futur de la petjada de carboni i el canvi climàtic a Catalunya