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Environmental assessment of a territory: An overview of existing tools and methods Review Article, Eléonore Loiseau, Guillaume Junqua, Philippe Roux, Véronique Bellon-Maurel, Journal of Environmental Management, Volume 112, 15 December 2012, Pages 213-225,

Adapting the LCA framework to environmental assessment in land planning, Eléonore Loiseau, Philippe Roux,  Guillaume Junqua, Pierre Maurel, Véronique Bellon-Maurel, International Journal of Life Cycle Analysis, disponible sur


Industrial Ecology’s Babel Tower: Multidisciplinarity, a strength or a weakness? Give analogy up as lost. Guillaume Junqua, Juliette Cerceau, Catherine Gonzalez, Miguel Lopez-Ferber, ISIE Conference, San Francisco, USA, 7-11 juin 2011.   Environmental metrology and implementation of industrial ecology: benefits and limits of monitoring tools for the management of water resources, Guillaume Junqua, Juliette Cerceau, Catherine Gonzalez, ISIE Conference, San Francisco, USA, 7-11 juin 2011.  

Toward a functional unit for harbor territories. Guillaume Junqua, François Dumouli, Juliette Cerceau, Morgane Caromel, Jérémy Rodrigues, Elissa Tuduri, Catherine Gonzalez,  ECOTECH&TOOLS Conférence, 30 novembre-2 décembre 2011, Montpellier, France.

Comparison of the implementation of MFA, EE I-O and process LCA on different cities of Southern Europe for their urban metabolism study, Nicolas Mat, Alvaro Gonzalez-Roof, Diogo Lemos, Gara Villalba, Xavier Gabarell, Ana Claudia Dias, Luis Arroja, Catherine Gonzalez, Miguel Lopez-Ferber, Guillaume Junqua, Poster, ISIE 2013, Ulsan, Corée du sud, 2013, June, 25-28th

Computational system based on GIS and LCA for identification, environmental and cost analysis of synergies : Case of shared additional water tank storages for fire prevention, Laurent Georgeault, Guillaume Junqua, Cyril Adoue, Sabine Barles, Xavier Gabarrel,Patricia Bordin, Poster, ISIE 2013, Ulsan, Corée du sud, 2013, June, 25-28th

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Use, misuse and abuse of industrial ecology as an analogy. Juliette Cerceau, Guillaume Junqua, Miguel Lopez-Ferber, Catherine Gonzalez, ECOTECH&TOOLS Conférence, Montpellier, France, 30 novembre-2 décembre 2011.  

Optimisation de la gestion des ressources sur un territoire par une démarche d’écologie industrielle Exemples d’outils développés dans le cadre du projet Ecotech Sudoe, Mat Nicolas, Junqua Guillaume, Colloque francophone “écologie politique vs écologie industrielle: quelles stratégies pour le développement durable ?”, Clermont Ferrand, France, 22 mars 2013


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