GT5 Demonstration

 GT5 aims at showing the interest of eco-technologies throughout the implementation of demonstration projects:

-          Eco-conception in agro-industrial sector (GT5.1);

-          Improvement of resources efficiency on a territory (GT5.3);

-          Diagnostic and eco-design of a tertiary activity (GT5.2 and GT5.4).

The eco-conception in agro-industrial sector (GT5.1) deals with a new agro-material for horticulture based on by-product of olive. CRITT CATAR (France) is the leader of this task and is in relation with an industrial Partner, EGC. UAB (Spain) and University of Aveiro (Portugal) are the main academic partners in order to disseminate results (Presentation and detailed presentation) .

The improvement of resources efficiency on a territory is performed in a framework of industrial ecology (GT5.3). Two complementary subtasks will be implemented:

-          Eco design of a lower-impact territory using industrial ecology. See the portfolio, and visit for the entire folder including the developped tools and guides;

-          Management of organic wastes in small communities. See the guide,  and the portfolio. EMA (France) is the leader, with UAB (Spain) and INRA (France) as academic partners. Others partners such as IRTA, INEDIT (Spain), AQP (France) are also involved.

Lastly, GT5.2 and GT5.4 are complementary tasks which deal with the diagnostic and the ecodesign of a tertiary activity. This activity is located at the campus of SupAgro. A laboratory part of an existing building will be renovated to be turned into classrooms and offices. Green building methodologies, materials and technologies will be used in order to improve the environmental performances of this building. SupAgro is the leader of these tasks and all the partners will be solicited in order to disseminate good practices for tertiary activity. See the portfolio of GT 5.4 at the link.

For more informations, the complete folder, and visit the simulator web site GT5 Final results video You can also watch the video showing all GT5 demonstration projects :

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