University of Girona

LEQUIA ( is a research group that belongs to the Environment Institute of the University of Girona.

Multidisciplinary approach is always present at the LEQUIA projects with environmentalists, chemists, biologists, engineers and informatics experts. These research activities are held at the Faculty of  Sciences (Campus Montilivi) and at the Scientific and Technological Park (Building Jaume Casademont) of the University of Girona.

The group participates in the Water Science and Technology official Master of the University of Girona and the PhD students are integrated into the Experimental Science and Sustainability PhD programme.

Nowadays, the activities of the group are structured around the following expertise topics:

  • Design, operation and control of advanced processes for biological treatment of both industrial and urban wastewater,
  • Development and application of environmental decisions support systems, and
  • Application of adsorption/oxidation processes for the treatment of gaseous and aqueous effluents.

LEQUIA has also a large experience in different tools for environmental management (cleaner production, industrial ecology, etc.) including LCA applied to wastewater treatment, waste management, activated carbon and biomass energy generation.

This activity is carried out through: i) research, demonstration and transfer collaborative public projects; ii) contracts and/or agreements for transferring research results to industry and public bodies, and iii) formal and/or informal training to PhD students and to professionals working in the wastewater treatment sector.